A New Day

A beautiful rarity changes everything around it. The appearance of the exquisite anomaly transforms all proximal life into a sweeter reality. I have seen occasional scissor-tailed flycatchers since moving here, but these marvelous creatures clearly love to fly, and that means the sightings are fleeting and I am seldom fortunate enough to see them, let alone agile enough to record the moment photographically. But after constant misfires and long stretches of not seeing the pretties at all, I finally got my moment. Besides making me euphoric, it felt epiphanic.photoWhat if, I thought to myself, I could become like those lovely birds? Is it possible for ordinary people to be the beautiful rarities that break through mundane reality enough to spark others’ anomalous joy? Of course we can. It’s not easy, to be sure. But if we can be stirred so deeply by pretty little long-tailed birds, by an intricate mathematical equation, by a magnificent ocean wave, or by a rusty gate creaking open to a secret courtyard, why then, an act of kindness bestowed on a stranger or a smile lighting up a dark moment for a friend might in fact be just enough. And more might be better.photo

16 thoughts on “A New Day

    • I hope you’ve been having a superb week and have another such one ahead, my darling! I know that you’re a champion at finding these simple pleasures! Joy and peace, my sweet.

  1. Terrific, both the photos and the thoughts! May I become that rarity in someone’s life today.

  2. What a lovely post! This morning some of the fattest and brightest goldfinches showed up at our feeder. Just the bright color on a drab, rainy morning put a little bounce in my step. They’re not rarities and even if we’re not either, as humans, we can still be the brightest version of ourselves.

    • You are so right, Michelle! I love a pretty goldfinch, too, of course. Though they’re the state bird in my old stomping grounds in Washington, I never saw that many of them, so I treasure every glimpse. Come to think of it, that’s precisely how it works in general in life, isn’t it. 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen these birds and if sightings are so rare, that was truly a lucky moment when you captured 3 at once. I’ll be going back home to Michigan next week where I’ll see a greater variety of birds in a day than I’ll see here in a year. One of the many reasons I enjoy going there.

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