Timid Creatures that We Are

photoUncertainty of Heart

Amid most fond expressions of affection, endless love,

Devotion and determination to be stewards of

These sentiments and feelings, is that little nagging voice

That tells us it would not be so if we had any choice,

Because we are perfidious by nature, roaming, weak,

And fearful of commitment to degrees we cannot speak,

And paranoid, on top of it, that others are the same,

And so we speak our pretty vows and play our little game,

Attempting to convince ourselves as much as other folk

That our desires and adoration aren’t some flimsy jokeβ€”

The shocking Surprise Ending to this tale is that at death,

Some of us finally realize upon our final breath

That all of it was true, and that our hearts were so inclined;

Too bad we take so long, we fools, to see that we have lived as blind.photo

16 thoughts on “Timid Creatures that We Are

    • It’s just possible that what someone accused me of doing long ago in making all of my portraits and faces in art look like self-portraits can be extrapolated further to include my obsession with shiny things being a constant search for reflections of myself!!! πŸ˜‰

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