12 thoughts on “There are No Words . . .

  1. What a nice cheerful sight on a saturday morning – thanks my friend – this surely cheers everybody up. Lovely photographs, especially the very last one , this white “Stiefmuetterchen” (little stepmother – in the loving form!) with its purple face. Carina 🙂

    • Vielen dank! If I remember correctly from my relatives, the name for ‘pansy’ is the same in Norwegian (which is, after all, a Germanic language as well!). In any case, flowers always do brighten my days too! At the moment my husband and I are near our former home area for some summer work/holiday time, and it’s a joy to see the familiar kinds of plants and trees flourishing here! No doubt I’ll have many new garden/park photos to share later. 🙂

    • I hear that one of the most egregious ‘reality’ shows in the US is about to introduce a horrid kind of companion scratch and sniff–maybe all the more reason to counter it with some sweet garden perfumes! 😀

  2. My words are beautiful, delicate, stunning, cheery and an example of our fortunate surroundings. Thanks, dear friend! I love taking photos of flowers and nature these days. I’m no expert, but it’s a new little passion! 🙂 xoxo

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