Sonnet for Sisters

restored antique photoMy Sisters’ Names

Three sisters, three have I, each one a star

to light the night or day with brilliance new,

a spark these shining few, though rare, bring to

the darkest, deepest places where they are–

Fair Wisdom bears a gleaming cup, as thirst

for knowledge waits in ev’ry darkened realm

to sip the learning springing from her helm,

sweet Wisdom bringing in this treasure first–

The next is gracious Kindness, in whose charms

of sympathy and care is safety found

when she with gentle strength wraps all around,

encompassing the world within her arms–

The third with equal radiance inclines

to lighten hearts as much as sun can do;

Laughter‘s her name, and like the other two,

her sparkling wit enhances how she shines–

All three, my sisters light the corners of

The universe: their other name is artwork from an antique photo

8 thoughts on “Sonnet for Sisters

    • Thank you kindly, John–but my real sisters (not the ones in the antique photo πŸ˜‰ ) deserve the credit for making Love come alive in these ways for me. I just wrote the poem for them based on what they teach me! πŸ˜€

    • Isn’t that a great portrait?? I found it, unidentified, on the web somewhere and it immediately made me think of my own three sisters, so I couldn’t resist making the illustration out of it when I wrote the poem for them. πŸ™‚

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