A [Mostly] Black & White Photoessay from the Road

digital photo art montage

Farm Frames.
I loved the sweet repetition of gorgeous farms of all sorts, in parts of every state.

Some of the images yielded by five weeks and six thousand miles’ worth of rambling cross-country seemed to want expression in my old favorite black and white imagery. And, not coincidentally, this set particularly showcases my obsessions with seeing patterns, repetition and commonalities.

digital photo art montage

Monolithic bare trees and sculptural bridges seemingly imitate each other.

digital photo art montage

Twisted Trees
Driftwood. A helical trunk amid Douglas-fir and vine maple companions.

digital photo art montage

AmeriCars the Beautiful
Car culture in the US may have long grown old, but it hasn’t stopped being a classic.

digital photo art montage

Boarded Up
Fruit growers’ packing crates. A burned house.

digital photo art montage

Shake Your Tailfeathers
Hawk? Maybe. Mallard, definitely.

digital photo art montage

Sunday School
The old shed behind the parsonage, the inner workings of a portative organ, and a vintage church.

digital photo art montage

God is in the Details
Small stuff, large impact.

digital photo art montage

Spokes that speak for themselves.

digital photo art montage

An older model pachyderm and an older model Packard? (Nah, I think it was a Rolls.)

digital photo art montage

Strange Geometries
The wonder of a weird homemade aerial and the magic of a zebra.


12 thoughts on “A [Mostly] Black & White Photoessay from the Road

  1. WOW! Beautiful photography. I loved all of them but my favorite one is the first one-the gorgeous farms. Your hard work and time spent is worth the photographs. These are awesome images in black and white. Great post. Take care Kathryn and God bless.

  2. Fabulous photo essay…where was the pachyderm? And on a side note, is there still a field next to the highway north of Dallas with retired circus camels? Wish I could remember exactly where it is, but I haven’t driven that way in nearly 20 years….

    • My lovely ‘Mr. Longsnoot’ lives (as he has for a long time) at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I don’t know about the retirees you mention…however, there *is* a bison herd near here kept company by a camel (or two–I think I’ve only seen one at a time, but that doesn’t necessarily prove anything, right?), and there’s an amusing ranch, also nearby, inhabited by a somewhat ragtag assembly of rescue animals: along with camels and llamas or alpacas, they care for horses, zebras, zedonks, zorses, emus, simians of various sorts, birds, snakes, bears, deer and others, and the owners support it by running it as a humble little zoo/education center. No sealife housed there, so I’m not clear on if the ranch name is a family name (Sharkarosa–you can find ’em on the web), but it’s one seriously quirkly place and we kind of enjoyed our recent visit, though I don’t know I’d likely go back. I do like animals, but having neither the skills nor the resources, time or space to care for them, so I’m lucky there are others who *do* have the above so I can learn in their company sometimes.

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