Sometimes No News is Just…No News

I’m not here a second time today to announce I’ve discovered the cure for halitosis, let alone cancer. But I’m back simply to share a link with you because another blogger’s words for today had such a thought-provoking effect on me and I figured you might find them equally intriguing. Jen, the smart and compassionate translator/interpreter for her charming and handsome malamute Rumpy over at Rumpydog, is a committed animal activist. My friends, you know that it’s more likely I should be committed [IYKWIM] than true that I am disciplined, self-confident or wise enough to be an active advocate for much of anything. But today Jen addressed a topic that’s long been nagging at me, to the extent that I know I’ve actually mentioned it to you: it’s not that we as humans are incapable of caring about things enough, too stupid to figure out some solutions, or unwilling to do the hard work to enact them–it’s that we are too self-centered to do so together with anyone who fails to think and care about, and approach, those problems in precisely the way we personally approve.

I’m absolutely certain that no matter how much I liked or admired Jen it would be impossible for me to agree 100% with her on everything, or her with me. But I’m also sure that I do deeply respect her commitment and willingness to act on it and speak her mind. So I encourage you to go and visit her to read her most sensible, cogent piece I’ve seen in ages about what does and doesn’t work in discussing, promoting, advocating for or acting in *any* good cause. I don’t know a solution, because I suspect it’s such a universal ill among humans that it would require Nobel Peace Prize brilliance *plus*. But if we gather around the conference table determined to listen, learn and share the best of ourselves, there just might be some hope for us. The very thought cheers me.Happy days to all of you, and many thanks to Jen for sharing. (Click on the word ‘sharing’ to go to her blog.)digital artwork from a photo

8 thoughts on “Sometimes No News is Just…No News

  1. Thank you! No two humans will ever agree on everything, but I do think many of us agree that it’s time for some new blood and new ideas in this movement.

    And your Rumpy art is fantastic!

  2. I used to follow Rumpydog and have begun to again. I totally do get what Jen is saying in her post. Last year I saw how the so-called do gooders destroyed a genuine activist in helping rescue animals: a lady who was tough and true and put her heart and soul and all her time and energy into saving and loving abused and abandoned cats in my area. She ended up being prosecuted for neglecting them (not true) because she had hundreds in her no-kill shelter (which wasn’t a secret as she was always going on local TV programs trying to get help). All of a sudden, when her shelter was raided (because a few folk who she had refused to adopt cats to – they just wanted them as barn cats to keep down the mice and rats – were resentful), all the spcas and animal rescue groups around jumped in to help find other shelters and homes for the cats. Sue wasn’t allowed to have anything more to do with the shelter and in the end committed suicide on her birthday in July 2012 – a footnote in the local news. Very sad.

    Wonderful wonderful artwork of Rumpy Dog, Kathryn! XO

    • People can certainly be among the stupidest of animals. Thank goodness they can be loving and healing, too. Got to balance the universe somehow.

      I was happy with Rumpy’s portrait–a first attempt at digital painting/airbrushing to such an extent. Not perfect, perhaps, but I think it gives a fair imitation of a happy Malamute!

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