Imagine, If You Will…

digital illustrationFantastic Phenomena

Rare as hens’ teeth, so they say,

the bird I saw the other day;

barely known, less often, seen,

and in the spaces in between,

not found but once, then flown away–

But rarer still, and here’s the thing:

that I should see it on the wing

and landing, perching in a tree

that most folk living never see,

abloom in Fall, as it were Spring–

For what I’ve learned is that this kind

of special magic that I find

can only happen if the heart

is open to the sort of art

where things are made so in my mind.

11 thoughts on “Imagine, If You Will…

    • Old Ma Nature sure does keep the surprises coming! If we add a bit of the fantastical to her hijinks, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully not so much in the doomy sense as in potentially wonderful stuff! πŸ˜‰

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