Night’s Benison


photoNight into Day
In the sinking stillness of the evening,
After birds have ceased to flit and call,
Silence comes to rest as day is leaving
And dark draws down the shade where night will fall;
The smallest breath of wind stirs from its sleeping,
For after dusk another world takes flight,
A world with gleaming secrets in its keeping
That give the constellations dazzling light,
Fill up the moon with shining opalescence,
Fill up the heart with dreaming of the day
And how its powers overcome senescence
When sun returns to chase the night

16 thoughts on “Night’s Benison

    • I feel my own shades being drawn down just now–8:40 am, sitting in the corner of R’s church office in Dallas, having had a short night’s sleep and a pre-dawn drive down here. Sundays it takes me a while to wake!! And you *know* how attached I am to night and sleep! I’m glad you enjoyed the visit to one of my favorite states here. 🙂

  1. I love it.. I was thinking you must sit on my swing in the evenings and watch the day give in to the night. My favorite time of all.

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