It’s Still Life

Little is as desirable in day-to-day life as peace and quiet. Rest, respite, calm–I crave them. There’s so much invitation and welcome in the sweet marvels of time off, time out and down time that I never feel I have too much of, well, not-too-much.

But busyness is ever so much more common in our everyday existence in this century, certainly in this household. It’s no still life, to be sure; any silence found in this way of living is more of the deafening sort. But yes, it’s still life.

So I have to manufacture or steal my moments of rest and relaxation. Isn’t that how most of us end up finding our tiny increments of space and time and sanity anyway? I have to learn how to tune out the white noise, hide from the constant demands and burrow into hidden corners when and wherever I can, to choose deliberately to decompress and unwind. If I don’t make room for my own peace of mind, who’s going to give it to me? The world may rattle on around me at a furious and eardrum-shattering rate and all I know may change in the ten minutes I’ve stolen to renew myself, but I will return to those realities soon enough, and hadn’t I better do so in a fortified state than otherwise?

Better to sit down and tell myself soothing tales undergirded with lullabies, to draw myself a little old-fashioned still life arrangement in the calm unruffled grey of graphite, and breathe deeply without regard for the bustle and bash of the universe, if only for a moment or two.graphite drawing

25 thoughts on “It’s Still Life

  1. I love the line, “steal my moments of rest and relaxation”. So true in this busy, busy world of ours the moments of peace and rest are becoming very rare and hence precious. Great still life, speaks of the talent of the artist. Take care and God bless my friend.

  2. Oh, how very true! Those moments are so essential to survive each day. I gained more when I learned to say ‘no’ once in a while, and to guard carefully those times to unwind. πŸ™‚

  3. How satisfying it must be to be able to draw yourself something, whether to bring stillness or for some other purpose. Many of us (like me) have no talent whatsoever for drawing, but must draw on other talents.

  4. Hi, Kathryn. First, let me apologize for my absence – trying to catch up a little today. Then, I want to say how lovely and true this reflection is and how perfect your drawing – as always! I love it all, but this line is especially excellent: ‘If I don’t make room for my own peace of mind, who’s going to give it to me?’ How we live our lives is more up to us than we often think. Hope you are well and that your mom is improving with each day. XO β™₯

    • Thank you so much, my darling. I know what a busy, busy life you have and am grateful beyond words when you take time to come here so often and be so supportive and generous with your comments! You are a great blessing to me, my friend.

      We talked to Mom and Dad tonight and Mom sounded fairly perky, not least of all because we caught them out on a shopping expedition, an outing that must be quite heavenly for Mama after all of the last years’ struggles and pains.

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