Foodie Tuesday: Having a Desperate Moment

Sometimes when I’m hungry for something particular, especially something I either don’t know how to make or simply don’t have the ingredients and/or time to make just then, I feel just a little bit panicked. Is it wrong to let someone else rescue me with food? When I was little, I envied the kids at school who had Store Bought stuff in their lunch boxes because I was one of those underprivileged children whose mother filled her kids with wholesome and delicious homemade stuff all the time. Poor, pitiful me!photoWhen I grew up and learned that it was I who had been the spoiled one, it seemed all wrong and backward to get store-bought foods, particularly ready-made things of the sort I actually knew how to make (often, thanks to Mom’s tutelage).

I’ve pretty much found my happy medium, thank goodness. I am pleased to be able–and willing–to make many things on my own, things Mom and other good cooks taught me how to make, things I figured out how to make through trial and error and weirdly wonderful experiments, and things that occasionally just happened on the way to an entirely different recipe or menu. But I have no compunction anymore about letting the experts hand me their delicious culinary artworks any old time, too. Most especially so, when I feel I’m in a little bit of a jam, a pickle or any other variety of a hungry fix.photoAm I hungry now, you ask? Am I ever not, I ask you? Perhaps it’s bed time at the moment, but surely by tomorrow I’ll be ready to get some cookery underway. Or stop by the nearest patisserie or butcher’s or greengrocer’s and do some foraging for what

14 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Having a Desperate Moment

    • Is there *anything* I *don’t* have my eye on in all of those cases? No, I do *not* think so. But I guess if I can have all the rest of it, I suppose I can spare you the cream puff, seeing as how you’re such a sweetheart. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Love this post! I remember also having homemade food in my lunches. Homemade English food no less – roast beef sandwiches with horseradish and hovis bread while my friends were eating peanut butter and jelly on wonder bread. We didn’t eat hotdogs or tuna fish either (“fish in a can?!” my mother used to say). I felt horribly deprived. I’m still awfully fond of peanut butter on white bread – truth to be told!

    • Apparently we are members of the same club! ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for tuna, now that I can buy tuna cuts ‘roasted’ in the tin with nothing more than their own juices and a little salt I’m a happy girl. Tastes like cooked, flavorful tuna and nothing else, at least until I mix it with my favorite tuna salad or tuna-noodle casserole ingredients. Worlds away from the icky tinned stuff I remember from my youth!

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