Abundance and Gratitude

graphite drawingAmong the essentials for a happy life, I consider the above named items some of the most meaningful. But I am often, rightly, reminded that these are as much matters of attitude as anything. Much easier, both of them, to qualify than to quantify.

Abundance, as experienced and demonstrated by many people I’ve known and seen who would be considered below a desirable economic level, is seen as having enough to survive, and just a touch to bring a guest to the table as well. That this means the main family’s subsistence is so much the sparser while a guest is on hand means little, except that the gift is commensurately so much the more generous.

For those of us with more considerable resources, I think the same attitude is worth the attempt. I should think through the difference between my actual needs and my wants, live within my means, and delight in the ability to share what I have with others. I’m not always nearly as good at this as I’d like, but think it a practice worth pursuing and improving over a lifetime.

Gratitude needn’t be limited to feeling I’m in the center of abundance, anyway. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be thankful for any and every good thing in my existence, even when the tenor of the times is set in a sparer and more trying mode. This, too, is simply a survival tactic on my part, as giving in to my dark instincts at bad times has no logical outcome but that I’d lie down and die. By choosing to actively and attentively seek out and recognize whatever kernels there are of goodness and light, I take away my focus from what lessens me and give myself a chance of relief. Better, I may see the glint of otherwise forgotten abundance, and that always makes me more grateful.digital illustration

15 thoughts on “Abundance and Gratitude

  1. A beautifully written reminder that “it ain’t all about ME” and to look around and truly see all that there is to be grateful and thankful for.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kathryn.

    • Thank you so much, Tig! I hope you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too, despite being a bit lonesome for those adorable grandsons! Terrific portraits of them, but I’ll admit they do look like the sort it’d be hard not to take charming photos of generally. šŸ˜‰ Your new Gravatar portrait is outstanding, too. Great personality capture and well suited to the mode of processing, too. Did H take the photo, or did you manage it yourself?

      • H took the photo. I rarely think to take pictures of people, let alone one of myself. I much prefer being behind the camera rather than in front!

    • Thank you! I hope your Thanksgiving was grand too, even if it was a month or so ago–sometimes it seems to take me almost that long to recover from how much I eat on a holiday. šŸ˜‰

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