Look Both Ways Before Crossing


digital illustrationI know that it’s always wise to be observant, especially when I might be walking directly into the teeth of danger. But trouble is hardly limited to the known and the seen. How sorry I’ll be for my foolishness if I get so obsessively focused on what I fear most that I fail to notice something equally important–or perhaps more imminently so.digital illustrationWorst of all if I’m so  immobilized by my phobias and fears that I just lose my nerve, my will to forge ahead and past them, and in doing so stay fixed in the very place where I’ll forever be the most vulnerable.digital illustration

8 thoughts on “Look Both Ways Before Crossing

    • Thank you! It’s something I’ve enjoyed starting to play with more now that I have digital tools to make it slightly easier: revised versions and new iterations of drawings, without having the re-draw the entire piece each time. Makes this old Luddite very happy to have such a useful new plaything! 🙂

  1. Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart

    • Lauren, I thank you!

      I hope you’re having an excellent weekend yourself. Following our little ice storm, it’s been pretty quiet and shut-in around DFW for the last few days (this area’s not equipped to deal with these rare winter road conditions), so our trip down to Dallas for church was a much bigger deal than the usual, including leaving home at 5:30 am to make it over the icy roads for the 7:30 morning staff meeting before services. We’ll be sticking around all day because at 6 pm is the festival of carols and of course Richard’s conducting in that as well, so I’m guessing it’ll be slow going on the way home, too. Fortunately, R has lots of experience driving on ice and snow (not least of all his dozen years in Edmonton!), so I’m glad to have him as my chauffeur. Also good is that the members of the church are a hardy lot, so despite the roads being iffy enough that many of even the biggest churches simply closed for the week including Sunday services, we had a remarkably full choir and congregation at both of the early services. Who knew! 🙂

    • Iteration-variations. That’s one of my new pet things to experiment with now that I have figured out how to do some of those alterations digitally. Much, much more to learn yet, but for now this is a pleasing entertainment that is plenty to keep such a novice digital artist well occupied. 😀

      Happy you enjoy them!


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