In Rust I Trust

It doesn’t really matter all that much what I’m doing or where I am; two things almost always grab my attentions, whatever I was supposed to be focused on at the moment. Is it a shiny, twinkly, sparkling object? Oh, yeah, that’ll catch my magpie eye. I adore that kind of stuff. But I love its polar opposite, too. I am as easily distracted and attracted by rusty, crusty, crumbling, peeling, decrepit things as by the polished and gleaming ones.

You already knew these things. What can I say? The world is just so ridiculously full of photo photoIt’s a great source of happiness for me. I’m simple in that way. Among many others.

17 thoughts on “In Rust I Trust

  1. Kathryn, you would love my friend Nic, she told me almost exactly the same thing two days ago. She loves shiny Swarovski…and rusty things! I once visited a succulent nursery and there was an old truck, rusty and broken, with succulents and cacti planted and growing all through it. You’d have loved it! 🙂

    • Now, if I could have a truck like that and actually *drive around in it*–that would be pretty nearly perfect!! Nic sounds great, too. It’s amazing to me how much our world is shrinking when we can jot notes across the globe to each other introducing our friends–how fabulous is *that*! 😀

    • Wow, Diane, only Mom and Dad Sparks beat you to the punch with that one! Thank you kindly–I am planning on another very happy year, in the best of company both ITRW and online. 😀 Thanks for bringing so much of your own brand of beauty into my life.

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