We Wait for Change…

…when we should be agents of change. We wish for rescue when we should be out seeking ways to aid others. We huddle fearfully in the late summer, already conscious that the autumn ahead will lead inevitably to winter’s dormancy or killing frost, when what we could be doing is plotting the way to make use of the transition to position ourselves to take fuller advantage of the ripening and plenitude ahead.digital illustrationWe are, after all, only human. But the exemplary people of generations past have proved, and those of our own time are still showing, that as long as we exist to worry about them the ages and seasons, the events and goings-on do indeed go on, cycle and change, and that if we choose to do soβ€”if we determine to do so and act on itβ€”we can make the changes better and the growth so much the more meaningful and joyful. If we wait for change, it will happen, all right, but it will happen however and whenever the universe or others in it decide. Ours is the calling to engage in the world, no matter how intimidating it is, and move toward what we desire. It may seem like plowing on foot through chin-deep snow, but trusting that there’s a thaw ahead and behind it, renewal, we can stay the course.digital illustrationAt the other end of it is potential that surpasses even our fondest, wildest imaginings, if we dare to move instead of lying waiting.

It’s interesting to me that I wrote the foregoing portions of this post a few weeks ago and set it aside for this very date, not knowing that it would follow immediately on the heels of my publishing my first book, something I’ve longed to do for years but never had the nerve until now. Funny how we sometimes put things in motion without even realizing what we’ve done; it’s a saving grace of our race, I think. O happy day, when we stumble into our dreams because we kept seeking them despite all sense!

21 thoughts on “We Wait for Change…

  1. Life throws you curveballs but you move forward into what you believe in. Glad to hear you are publishing your first book. That would be a dream of mine but have no clue. I know people self publish these days. I’m not sure I could put all effort forward. Your story puts things in perspective though.

    • I went the self-pub route both to have more control and to have quick enough turnaround to bypass my fearfulness of publishing! And it’s worth a shot, eh! I would encourage anyone who dreams of it as I have to jump in and try. It’s like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I think now I’ll be less intimidated, at least incrementally (being a big chicken at heart!), each time I tackle something like this. Cheers to you!

      • If ever that I would decide to write a book I would go the self publishing route too. I still need to figure out if I have any skill in the writing adventure. Thanks for the input and good luck on your book.

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