My Own Inverted Jenny

book cover imageI have a little confession to make. My book-publishing debut has a noticeable flaw. It’s not huge enough that the editorial filters of the publisher, or even my own oft-repeated scrutiny, caught it in the preview and proofing processes, but I noticed it, and I’d like to make it better. See, in the hard-copy and digital proofs that I checked before giving the go-ahead to publish, I didn’t manage to spot how low the contrast was between text and background on one of the two-page layouts, and it’s not nearly legible enough for my taste in the final print, even with my relatively eagle-sharp eyes.

So I’ve made a revised version of that page duo and a couple of other pages that were quite acceptable but I thought deserved a boost of readability as well as long as I was at it, and I have requested that the publisher allow an after-publication change. Those of you who have already purchased and received the book (I’m looking at you: family members; Mira, Diane, Gracie, Christine, etc, and a handful of others that I know of thus far) will probably know which typography I’m describing. It’s readable, but it’s an effort, I admit. Those of you who haven’t bought the book yet, I certainly hope you will do so but maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to give you an even more polished product if you wait until I give the thumbs-up to a tiny revision in a week or so. Now, at least you know the whole story of my neophyte adventure.

If you’d rather hang on to the original version of the book as it stands anyhow, I promise you that all but the one poem—all 165 or so of the others—are entirely readable as the book stands, and while I can’t in any way promise that this, my first foray into unintentional-humor publication (to be fair, the rest of the book is supposed to be amusing) will be my last, let alone likely to accrue the sort of megabucks value given the famous upside-down airplane stamp of my post title, I do hope that when I croak, you might be able to get a bonus by selling off the short run of mistake-inclusive prints to crazed collectors. So if you paid, say, ten or twelve dollars this week (and I see they’re already reducing the price on Amazon, so bargains can already be had) you may be able to sell the book in a couple of decades for thirty-six cents extra. Talk about a fantastic investment! Don’t say I never gave you anything exciting.

But seriously, I hope that you will think buying a book from me is a reasonable investment not only in my happiness and well-being but in your own good spirits, because that’s what the book was intended for in the first place: playful entertainment for semi-grownups in the form of my whimsical-to-wacky drawings and poems. With your patience and a little perseverance on my part, we ought to be able to conjure up such an interlude together one way or another, no? I thank you for your good humor and support. Have a lovely day, y’all, and I promise I’ll keep you posted on my progress.photoOf course, since I’ve already made the revision of my “oops page” to submit, now I’ll be getting started with the conversion of the (reedited) book file to prepare it for a Kindle edition, and will need to decide which of the many other books I’ve got on various ‘back burners’ will be next on my agenda for what will hopefully be mistake-free from the moment of its publication. That’s the plan, my friends.

10 thoughts on “My Own Inverted Jenny

  1. I joined that club a long time ago, though only after a long delay. In 1981 I self-published a photography book, but it wasn’t till a couple of decades later that I suddenly noticed two little errors in the introduction (an extra space; a missing accent on a French name). Actually there was a much bigger mistake, but I caught it immediately: the printer had cut the book half an inch short horizontally, leaving too narrow a margin at the right. When I brought it to the owner’s attention, he reprinted all the copies at his expense.

    As soon as I started reading your post I thought about the famous postage stamps. I do wish some of that money could come your way.

    • Thank you kindly! I suspect there aren’t many who’ve published without any surprises or boo-boos. Lucky me to have gotten used to it right off the mark. 😉 May we both bumble into our prize Jenny money someday! 🙂

  2. Received your beautiful book before the corrections were made, Kathryn, and I’m sure they won’t interfer with the pure pleasure I will have in it. I’ve been busy of late with some writing projects, but hope to devout time to it very soon. (And I know all about seeing ‘errors’ after the fact … why do these “little buggers” insist on hiding until we’ve given the go ahead for printing? I truly think they have a life of their own!) XO

    • Well, I finally got the errata updated today, so the new-and-hopefully-improved version will hit the cyber shelves within the week, but I think only the one page of the original was genuinely unreadable, so I hope the content will make up the difference! If not, do tell me and I will send you a revised copy myself.
      xoxo 🙂

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