Hot Flash Fiction 11: Undocumented Alien

digital illustrationThough we all saw our third grade teacher as a pretty lady and wonderfully good-natured, she was also quietly self-effacing and exceedingly proper, so when she was summarily carted off as an unregistered and presumably dangerous foreigner, everyone in the school, nay, in the entire town, was mightily surprised. Of course, when the government interrogation of her was deep in progress and her skin suddenly began to luminesce and the shoulders of her nice dress ripped at the seams as her wings unfurled from underneath, it turned out that nobody could be more surprised than the illustration

10 thoughts on “Hot Flash Fiction 11: Undocumented Alien

  1. It is fabulous how a few words can send us humans into another realm. Your story sent me into quite a few amazing ones. Loved it all. Great ending…or…beginning? Your illustrations are perfect for the story.

    • Thank you! For once I *started* with the second one and built the first from it, so instead of intensifying colors for ‘part two’ I found myself looking for ways to soften and dull them down a little, make the first version just a hint dowdier. It’s very interesting to see how working directly in digital media is changing what my options may be and how I approach images. In this case, it seems particularly fitting that the more real, the inner, version of Miss Whatsis—her more vivid self—took precedence so literally, and then I had to build her a disguise.

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