One Stormy Day…

digital illustration from a photoApologia

Bleak indigo and velvet was the sky

That hung above that cold portentous noon

More chilling than the goddess of the moon

If she had bowed her sorrows down to die—

My own, I could not grief so sharp withhold

But wept as though the torrent ought to drown

Me in the rivers of her velvet gown

And leave me breathless on the stones and cold—photoBut blue is not my cloak, or yet my skin

As much as dark the tenor of the day

And when the storm had lastly passed away

I felt the night might swallow up my sin—

Now sorrow’s misery that spoke you grief

Forgiven falls in sunset’s sweet

13 thoughts on “One Stormy Day…

    • I’m afraid we’re still running a little short of good rain here in north Texas again this year, so maybe I’m trying to send out some subliminal clues to Mother Nature! But I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

    • I got a bit lucky with the light, didn’t I. But I did have plenty of time to work up to getting lucky on the latter two shots, as they were taken on a six-hours-of-driving day (the part when Richard was driving, not me! 😉 ) as we came back from a long road trip. The first one was serendipitous in its own way, being taken on a brilliantly sunny day at Snoqualmie Falls, but as I aimed my camera toward the falls, the contrast threw much around into deep shadow, et voila! In any case, I am of course so pleased that you liked the post!

  1. Now if ever there was a set of song lyrics waiting to be set by a composer, this is it! I already hear a choir singing it.

    • Good! If you have anybody in mind, pass the word along to her/him! 😉 I’m glad you found it musical, Peter—I very often have a sense of these ‘playing’ in my head as I write them, but since I have no musical skills I have to rely on the inherent tunefulness of what I can bring out in words. So I’m especially happy when anyone else senses that….

      • Kath, I’ve sent this poem to Trent. If I had the compositional muse, I would give it a go myself. I hope he may find some inspiration (and perhaps solace) in it for himself.
        With love

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