What is this Song?

First the carillon, and then,

Voices of children, women, men,

The organ sounds, lute, harp and lyre,

And as the song grows clearer, higher,

Sweeter and more joyful still,

Ring out the notes from hill to hill,

Across the night, straight on to day,

The melody flies out, away!

What is this potent symphony?

It’s love, my Love, that sets us free.photoToday seems like a particularly good day to remember that love is larger than romance, peace is larger than a desire for sameness, and joy is larger than a moment of personal happiness. I wish you all love, peace and joy.

17 thoughts on “Connected

    • And much joy and contentment to you, too, dear Mira! I’m sorry to be so long in replying. Our home network went into a coma recently and it took extensive fussing from both Tech Support and me to get us back in business by yesterday, so I’ve a lot of catching up to do! Needless to say, it’s always a delight to hear from you, whether I get the message immediately or get to come ‘back to life’ as now and savor it later.

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