All Things in Due Season

digital illustrationBoon Companions

When shadow steals across my eyes, when chill sits in my soul, when cries

Of hopelessness and bitter cold would turn me hard, regretful, old,

I turn my memory to when I cradled happiness, and then

Remember that what shaped me so was love, the kind I came to know

From those great luminaries whose wisdom it was to seek and choose,

From the remotest needful place, pursuit of happiness and grace,

Who told in kindly, teaching voice that peace and joy are bought by choice,

That when the frozen dark descends, we’ll find our light

among our illustration

31 thoughts on “All Things in Due Season

    • Hi, Maggie, and thanks! I was just over at *your* place, getting my subscription in there. πŸ˜‰ I’m playing with digital illustration these days; my spouse bought me a shiny new iPad Air in January and I’m fiddling around happily with several free drawing programs and a stylus; previously, all of my digital work was done with my finger on a track pad on a much slower old laptop, so this feels mighty slick and, dare I say it, technologically advanced! Both pieces were done with a combination of those programs and Photoshop (a gift from my sisters, two of whom work for Adobe).
      Cheers, and thanks for being here,

    • Likewise, Tig! I know that I am truly blessed to live in such a deep well of friends and loved ones that I can never fall to the bottom of it.
      Love to you both,

  1. You are an inspiration mastering all this technology and doing it sooo well. Beautiful words as always and your art has gone up the ladder to new heights, congratulations

  2. Lovely images especially the last one. I love everything about it: the colours, the hearts, the wavy lines …. I was interested to read in your reply to a previous comment how you achieved the drawings, I am in awe as I am a bit of a dullard with technology. πŸ˜‰

    PS; the poem is lovely too. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, B, you are a sweetheart. Trust me, I’m a technophobe and weakling when it comes to such stuff, too, so I stuck my toe into digital art-working ever so slowly and am becoming increasingly aware of how very, very little I know and am able to do. Ah, the way of all things, I guess. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad, as always, that you’re here and enjoyed your visit!

    • Thank you. A subject to which I consistently return, in part because every time I draw or paint a leaf I come up with something that I didn’t quite expect. So many possibilities.

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