…and Don’t Forget, I Tell Myself, These *Other* Things…


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digital illustration + text


10 thoughts on “…and Don’t Forget, I Tell Myself, These *Other* Things…

    • Such a good strategy you have, Laura; since the vast majority of life is spent on the plateaus, all the more important that we find every bit of the beauty and joy that we can *there*. After all, the peaks can take care of themselves. 😉

  1. It would hurt most of us, but most of the things that we put in storage units are not valuable. We put them there and they stay and we pay. At the end of the year, we could have bought new whatever little that we took from the average unit and actually used, and had some to spare. Oh – and on the 2nd – vanilla is my favorite smell in all the world! But give me chocolate to eat!!!

    • I’m with you on all of this. 🙂 Just about to begin another round of intensive de-cluttering chez nous, too. No matter how conscious I try to remain of this Stuff stuff, I still have to get after it more aggressively from time to time!

  2. V-a-n-i-l-l-a…aahhh! The aroma of vanilla soothes the soul and makes you realise you don’t need all those material things in life, just a nose to enjoy v-a-n-i-l-l-aaaaa.

  3. I love vanilla! But ow, after this wonderful post, it has travelled up a good few further notches in my list of important things. What a very useful metaphor which I will keep using when Im tempted to stray! 😊 Xx

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