Oh, ReLAAAAAX, Dude!

I’ve said it time and again: my natural state is static. I love Doing Nothing. I avoid work and difficulty whenever I can.text + image

And I’m not exceedingly sorry about that. It’s clearly not perfect behavior; that’s a truth I will readily confess any old day. But I remain unrepentant. Inaction in and of itself generally has no inherent moral value. Leisure has beenย good to me.text + photo

You people who want to get all up in busyness’s business and do all sorts of things all the time, have at it. Feel free! Me, I mostly feel free when I avoid doing things. Goodnight, now. I’ll get back to you later. Maybe. If you really think it’s urgent, you can come over and slouch alongside me until I wake up again. Happy afternoon!

9 thoughts on “Oh, ReLAAAAAX, Dude!

    • I had a great time watching a small group of these lemurs relaxing, andโ€”quelle surprise!โ€”I soon felt very relaxed, too, as a result. I guess we can learn a lot from “less intelligent” animals. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’ll bet there are any number of animals it’d be interesting to be for a day, but obviously I’d be especially in favor of one that, like a lemur, seems able to appreciate leisure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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