I Love Cities

Those who visit here with some frequency know that I am mighty fond of the rural landscape and its many, many charms, but it might not be quite as obvious that I am equally smitten, often enough, with the joys of urban life. Some of my happiest times and most exciting and meaningful adventures are attached to various wonderful and fabulous cities where I’ve been privileged to live or spend time.photo + text

Whenever anyone asks me to name my favorite cities where I’ve visited or spent any little amount of time, the first places that come to mind are truly lively, astoundingly adventure-filled places. I’m not big on bravery or constant busyness or the unknown, as you may well know by now, but I always manage to find myself energized and passionate about what these fabulous environs have to offer at every turn. It turns out that there is no shortage of urban places that fill me with dazzling delight. In addition to my hometown of Seattle, there are so many other magnificent cities for me to love wildly, places like Stockholm, Boston, Vienna, San Francisco, Munich, Cincinnati, Oslo, San Antonio, Vancouver, New York, Prague, Chicago, and London—for starters.photo + text

I will always crave my quiet time, and often that’s best found in the sweet, laid-back grace of the countryside, removed from cities’ bustling pace. But besides that it is possible to find moments of peace right in the middle of any major metropolis, if one only knows how and where to look, there is the inherent buzz and boisterous beauty of urban life to enjoy as well, and I am not at all immune to that kind of happiness when I can bask in it. I suppose the root of the whole equation is always, quite simply, to seek my well-being wherever I happen to find myself.

12 thoughts on “I Love Cities

      • I have to put my city of Melbourne up there because we have the old and the new sitting together. At first I was horrified when they built the new museum like a rubic’s cube (colours and all) next to our magnificent world heritage Royal Exhibition Building built in 1880. After sitting and studying them I decided I loved them together. We also have Federation square (modern) right across the road from our famous Flinders street station (built 1909) Fed sq. built 2006, both totally architecturally different. Again they are great together.

        Oh dear, I had better stop rambling. Chicago is next on the list then Turkey and, and….the list goes on. 🙂

  1. I enjoy city living far too much to give it up, Kathryn. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the country when Mom needed me and though it’s great, I need the city lights and frantic pace and, like you said, knowing where to go to get some peace and quiet.

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