Low Energy? Who, Me?

photoNo no no no, not really. It’s just old age. Just kidding! It’s a too-busy schedule. Well, maybe it’s inefficiency. Or….

The truth is, it’s probably all of the above. Time, life and busyness always conspire to make me think I’m losing ground. I get those little spurts of activity from time to time and what do I do with them? I want to sleep. Chores and tasks can wait for another day, can’t they? I tell myself that life is short and I can sleep when I’m dead, but no matter how much I work to convince myself that Getting Things Done and being an accomplished, lively person is useful and maybe even important, I would still rather do that seemingly wasteful thing of sleeping long and deeply.

So if it looks like there’s a power shortage around when I’m in the room, you’re probably not mistaken. Whether it’s my advancing age, overbooked calendar, impractical approach to my schedule, or just that I’m a lazy beast doesn’t really matter. You can be as busy as you like and get all of that Important Stuff done at your own pace.

Please remember to turn out the lights when you leave the room!

10 thoughts on “Low Energy? Who, Me?

    • That always has an effect on me, too. Right now, I’m feeling the effects both of that (and trying to get the garden reasonably ready for the upcoming growing season) and being just a little daunted by what the next several months have in store for Richard and me. Lots of busyness on deck!! So I am trying to be smart enough to get the absolute necessities planned and/or done and otherwise, just keep my eye on the present day and live well *in* it! Each day with its varying levels of success, of course! 😉

  1. For me, it’s the confluence of mild winter depression with the sudden need to get spring tasks done. As I get older, I place a premium on getting good sleep. Everything is manageable on a good night’s rest! And oh, I wish I could nap…it sounds like a lovely luxury, but sleeping during the day is not a biological ability that I seem to possess.

    • Sometimes I admit I’m torn about whether my uncanny ability to sleep any time and for any *length* of time is more blessing or curse, since I crave it practically *all* of the time. But mostly, I am entirely on board with your idea that good sleep (whenever it happens) is a boon to better health and moods. Maybe you need to find a cat and just follow it around for a couple of days and imitate its every moment of inaction and see if it inspires your brain and body to cooperate with the napping thingy. If nothing else, the cat would get quite a kick out of it. Bonus points for not explaining to anyone who happens curiously upon you as you’re curled up on the family room braided rug in slanting rays of the afternoon sun.

  2. Now that the weather is turning warmer (we’re in the 90’s), we are experiencing the same type of energy shortage. Rolling blackouts (naps) are expected! 😉

    • You’re ahead of us in the temp-Olympics, of course, but not by too far. Hope you can manage to keep cool *enough* for sanity, and frequent siestas are definitely a useful tool in that attempt! Best to you both!

  3. Just keeping track of your schedule would be exhausting. Let “the stuff” wait. In the end, what does it matter? Rest is good for the soul. xoxo

  4. I don’t know what it is but as my to-do list grows with the changing weather, my energy level drops. I think it’s called an inversely proportional relationship but I’ll have to look it up to be sure. I’ll get to it tomorrow.

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