A Mythical Beast

I love James Thurber’s deviously funny little modern fable The Unicorn in the Garden. His way of being so blandly subversive gets me every time. But I also admire the tale, as I always have, primarily because in it, the dreamer wins out over the hard-nosed pragmatist who thinks she can crush his foolishness and browbeat the fantasy out of him. I would far rather be the silly imaginative kid, the one who remains boldly hopeful when all signs point to apocalypse, than live in a grim real world. In fact, if I had my druthers, I might just be not only the frivolous guy seeing the unicorn in the garden but the unicorn itself.

What’s Fact, after all, when faced with the Fantastic?

digital illustration

Would-be debunkers can chase me around all they want, but they’ll find I am galloping ahead of them on the track more steadily than they think!

8 thoughts on “A Mythical Beast

    • Thanks, Christine! I had a great time fiddling with this particular drawing. One of the earlier attempts with that particular software, which I think as a result may become one of my favorite programs for this sort of thing. The ability to move layers of the drawing backwards and forward, delete and revise, made it quite an adventure and rather fun to do.

  1. Well, said, Kathryn. The quality of the artwork you’re creating with your tablet is amazing. To be sure, one must have talent; I could never create anything remotely as nice. Yet, in the right hands, the results are beautiful.

  2. ‘What’s Fact, after all, when faced with the Fantastic?’ Nothing in the scheme of things, Kathryn! I LOVE Unicorns … and would certainly join you in being one … or, at least, on one for a ride on the Merry-Go-Round! And, let me add, I am amazed that you are creating this amazing artwork on a tablet. Wow! XO ♥

    • Thank you! I can only imagine how much fun you’d have playing with the same tools. There are a couple of the programs I’m messing with that I think might lend themselves beautifully to your preferred techniques and styles, if you ever get a hankering to experiment similarly. Whether you go so far into the techno media or not, I’d certainly enjoy seeing your take(s) on unicorn portraiture! I can only imagine you’d devise some spectacular beauties. I think this guy may have been my first, come to think of it, so perhaps I’ll have to try scribbling up some companions for him. When I’m not off on *other* tangents, that is. 😉

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