Water Babies, All

digital illustrationOcean-front Property

A stroll along the esplanade, sun-worship on the beach,

Dining on oysters, clams or cod, there’s pleasure fit for each

And every taste, along the shore, delights enough at sea,

That, whether you are rich or poor, seaside’s the place to be!digital illustration

10 thoughts on “Water Babies, All

  1. Bright and beautiful and love the movement in the paintings, Kathryn! I love dipping my toes in the ocean … hardly ever get the chance to. So thank you for offering your words and visuals to tajke me there. Sorry I’ve been absent for a while – editing sequel to ‘A House …’ absorbing time and mental energy. But taking some time today to catch up. Hope you are very well. XO ♥

    • So thrilled your absence is for joyful artistic reasons! And always, always delighted when you are able to take the time to stop by here. xoxoxo!
      Yes, we’re fine here chez Sparkly, but also a tad over-busy. Just a consequence, as you well know, of having too many good things to do. Certainly, there are worse problems to have. I’m setting to work on my follow up books, too, but as usual am behind you, so keep on leading the charge, my lovely! Much love and many hugs to you!

  2. What a delightful poem, Kathryn, and love your fun artwork, too! The beach is a favorite place, in fact, I’m about to reserve our beach weekend in October again! 🙂 xo

    • Ooh, wonderful! May I ask, do you have numerous favorite places or do you go to the single same favorite each time? We had a couple of preferred spots on the Washington coast that we returned to regularly, but a bunch of others there and on down through Oregon and northern Cal that pulled us away when we could afford the time and additional cost of going farther…. I’d love to explore the entire coastline of the continent, if I could!!! And Fall and Winter are so especially wonderful: fewer crowds, sometimes fabulous storms, different things going to seed and taking on different seasonal characters, and of course, different seafoods hitting their peak seasons all through the year!
      xo 🙂

      • We do have some favorites, like this beach town in the fall is really lovely and peaceful. We’re close to Lake Tahoe which is gorgeous and we love northern Oregon, but will be renting a condo in Bend, OR this summer (a new place to us). There are many places we still have yet to visit! 🙂

        • Ooh, Bend is fantastic! You’ll have endless things to see and do there. Great farmers’ market, sweet lake park, fabulous views from up above, endless hiking and biking trails, etc, etc. And, oh yeah, some excellent eateries. 😉 Have a WONDERFUL time there.

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