Building Dreams

Dollhouses were for other girls. I preferred to design my fantasy floor plans and build them out of cardboard and found objects in the built-in bookshelves in the upstairs bedroom. I built them for dolls if those happened to be handy, but since I wasn’t ever a huge fan of dolls except as handy models for my model homes or as fashion models for my clothing and costume designs, my time and energy were more happily spent on the architectural fantasies and the drawings that led to them.

There was never any hope of building the real-world, full-scale versions of any of these, since I started as a young squirt whose whole bankroll comprised a few allowance installments, then grew up (a little) into an arty type, yet another iteration of the sort never meant to have large hunks of cash lying around. I never stopped loving buildings and the magnificent, marvelous pleasures of dreaming up all of the different ways to make interior and exterior spaces work beautifully for all of the different people and purposes I imagine in them. As I grew, my methods leaned less toward bookshelf usurpation and more toward drawings and particularly, toward inner design: one of the ways to soothe myself to sleep when my brain is too hyper for relaxation is to choose a specific kind of building, close my eyes, and try to work out every tiny detail of it in my mind. Eventually, that usually leads to the perfect combination of dozing off and waking up with some new inspirations, often enough ones that can be applied to other things than mere mental building construction.

Just because I’m realist enough to know how unlikely it is that I’ll ever afford to build a dream house in reality doesn’t mean that there’s nothing purposeful in my fantasizing. I’ve invented all sorts of dandy details that would make the constructions more ecologically sound, longer lasting, easier to change and update over time, simpler to construct, more affordable, energy-efficient, attractive in a number of styles, and flexible for multiple users’ needs. All in my head, with the exception of a few on paper and a few in the old bookshelves in Mt. Prospect.

Anybody who has a pile of money just sitting around all unloved and unused and wants to contribute to the construction of my living-&-arts community complex should feel free to give me a jingle. Barring that, I will happily continue sharpening my mental prowess as a developer of mental real estate. Come on inside, if you can figure out how to join me

6 thoughts on “Building Dreams

  1. We had a rainbow here yesterday. I looked for the pot of gold for you but no luck I am afraid. Never mind you do extremely well with creating in your mind.

    • There are some who would argue that I have long since gone quite potty without any assistance from leprechauns or elves of any sort, but if you *do* happen on a pot o’gold at any point I shan’t say no anyhow! In the meantime, I do feel rich in being able to exercise an unfettered imagination, and having friends around me who enjoy doing the same.

  2. I love it that you accept that it is unlikely it will ever actually come to pass in the bricks-and-mortar sense, but that you can see and appreciate the value of continuing to grow the dream in your mind. I do hope that a stash of cash miraculously appears, and you get to see your vision become a reality some day, but even if that never comes to pass, the promise of what might be is enough to fuel your imagination and passion, and keep you immersed in the grand design. I suppose in one way or another, we all build our own version of castles in the air. I believe mine would have rooms and rooms that were dedicated from floor to ceiling to beautiful books, and that there would be an abundance of light, and comfortable chairs for reading. And puppies. Lots of puppies. 🙂

    • Of course, whatever home contains my most beloved person(s) is for me quite enough fortress, mansion, castle and dream, but some are more visibly and palpably comfortable digs than others! 😀

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