The Menace Above

digital illustration

The Bird Gets the Last Word

You stay down there, and I’ll just sit

Up on my perch, whistle and chirp

And warble ’til you throw a fit

Because I’m being such a twerp—

I’ll flap and flutter, cheep and caw

And drive you right out of your tree

Until you want to break the law

And take a shot or two at me—

But I, no matter how you squirm,

Won’t quit my pestering; so far,

I’m winning, you poor lowly worm,

And soon I’ll also strafe your car.
digital illustration


6 thoughts on “The Menace Above

  1. Strafes my car, my garage door and bedroom window (how I will never know). Mind you my rascals don’t look as handsome as yours. Great words and of course great art.

    • I am pretty certain that some birds have mystical powers for shooting their output in ways that defy the laws of gravity, never mind decorum!!! Naughty little creatures. 😉

      Glad you liked my homage to the miscreants anyway! 😀

    • Believe me, I am just very, very, very glad that creatures larger than birds don’t have the capacity to fly. Waaaay too much of a “good thing” if *that’s* good luck! 😀

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