The Last Place on Earth

digital collageIn Profundum Maris

Deep in the ocean, fathoms far,

Beyond the reach of the brightest star,

In the abyss of the secret sea—

Seemingly past where life could be

Sustained—lies a billowing bed of kelp

That waves in the dark, where sleep, where help,

Where mystical mending music calls

As the tides turn back and the current falls,

As the storms above relent, abate,

Becalm, bring peace—it is not too late

To dive in the depths with delight, embark

On the garden path of the ocean’s dark,

Miraculous beauty, unseen, immense,

Suffusing the soul in every sense,

To lie in the rush as the seas roll by

And think it a joy too fine,

To die…digital collage

14 thoughts on “The Last Place on Earth

  1. Kathryn I nominated you for a Writing meme (details over my place). I don’t need confirmation of your writing but if I did this piece proves it yet again, brilliant! Anyways, forgot in the details to say if you accept, the date for your posting is May 5th and your nominees post theirs on the 12th May.

    • Thanks, John. You may have noticed how all-things-sea-related have a magnetic hold on my imagination, so I can never resist playing with those images in both visual and verbal forms. Jellies in particular fascinate me with their alien beauty.

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