Foodie Tuesday: Without Chopsticks

I might be on a little bit of a tear with this deviled egg thing lately. Besides that the original concept of hard-boiled eggs with spicy ingredients and something creamy like mayonnaise added to their yolks are, well, devilishly delicious, the possible variations are nearly endless as well, and also exceedingly tasty. This treat can change nationalities and styles easily and frequently, according to preferences and the hunger of the moment.

The other day, I had yet another urge for a deviled egg bite, and had some inclination to eat something at least vaguely Japanese as well. So that’s what I did. Both, that is.

It was a refreshing menu.

I made coconut Basmati rice. Cooked in half coconut milk (my preferred brand, Chaokoh) and half coconut water (Amy & Brian Natural brand), it was topped with sliced and slivered almonds that I’d toasted with a touch of almond extract, some sesame seeds toasted in a spoonful of toasted sesame oil, some sweet little tiny, briny shrimp, and the deviled eggs in question. Those, I made with a creamy sushi-inspired filling.

I took the hard-cooked egg yolks and an equal amount of fresh avocado, nearly the same amount of Japanese wasabi mayonnaise, a hearty splash each of lime juice and tamari, and a handful of pickled sushi ginger, and blended them all together until creamy with my trusty stick blender. When I assembled these little goodies, it seemed only fair to crown them with a little ginger rosette each. I didn’t really have the skill to do it properly, but a curly bit of sushi gari tastes delectable regardless of whether it’s a perfect representation of a sweet little rose or not. I like to think I’m a bit like that myself, being slightly off kilter and messy in my way but well-meaning and amusing, and hey, sometimes even almost tasteful in my way.

17 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Without Chopsticks

    • Besides being a great drink mixer, coconut water is marvelous for rice, and I imagine it won’t be long before I try my next idea for it, which is to use it as the liquid for cooking up all those fabulous ingredients for phở or tom khaβ€”I can’t imagine it wouldn’t make great Asian soups just that much greater! Hope you enjoy the rice as much as we do!
      xo πŸ™‚

  1. Sounds tasty! Unfortunately, coconut is off limits in our house – hubby is allergic. Have to tell you, tough, that I like what I see of the blue serving plate UNDER the food!!

    • Isn’t that charming crockery? It’s from World Market, their Cherry Blossom pattern, one of the few they seem to carry long term. I only bought two plates, just for the pair of us or for serving pieces, for fun. They’re fairly deeply curved and pretty heavy, so if pre-warmed or -chilled, they also keep food at temp nicely, a bonus.

      Allergies are best *respected* indeed! If I didn’t do the coconut rice, I’d probably substitute cilantro-lime rice, which I also love. Not Japanese-inspired like the eggs, but still Asian-inflected. πŸ˜‰

    • As I just told Laura, for some unknown reason your comments here have been lying hidden and dormant for almost six months, but I happened to find yours anyway! Now that I found them, I’m reminded that I haven’t made this kind of coconut rice in far too long, so I guess I’ll have a refresher course on it myself. πŸ˜‰

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