Foodie Tuesday: Drinks are on Me

CafeculturaWhy is it that it often takes getting together with friends to remind me what a welcome refreshment it is to spend even a short time sitting down for a break with a drink in good company? It matters little whether the liquid in question is a glass of water, a cup of tea or coffee or cocoa, icy soda or lemonade, vintage wine or a crisp cocktail. The venue isn’t the most important factor either, though I’ll readily admit that I think sitting in a gleaming Art Nouveau patisserie overΒ cafe au lait et un petit morceau de gateau beats theΒ Ouefs a la Neige out of drinking a cuppa Joe in the kitchen over a back issue of Home Plumber magazine. The length of the interval isn’t entirely the deciding factor, for that matter, though the stretchier it can be, the better the chance of full recovery from what ails me, whether it’s a minor moment of annoyance or full-on encroaching grouch-itude. Clearly, different occasions require different libations, too.

The primary determinant of the break’s quality and value, not to mention its memorability, is the company in which the break-with-a-sip is taken. No one I know would argue against the existence of occasions wherein the best (even the only acceptable) company is one’s own. But often, even when I think I desire nothing so much as to be alone, I discover that the finest of respite is found in the sharing of a drink in good company. So whenever you and I find ourselves coming together in the same place at the same time, let’s sit down for a moment or two and savor life over the liquid renewer of choice, if you please. Good for the corporeal fluid levels; better for the soul.Enjoy Cafecultura

12 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Drinks are on Me

  1. Lovely thoughts and post, my friend, and I LOVE lattes! Chai tea lattes, non fat and shall we meet somewhere in the middle of Texas and California? πŸ˜‰ I agree, we should be content with our own company, but sharing some kind of drink is always more enjoyable when in the company of others…xo

    • Hmmm…what’s the halfway point, I wonder?? πŸ˜€ Of course, I’ll happily host you out here, you know, and am delighted whenever I get the chance to be in CA as well, so *somewhere* in that mix we oughta find the right time and place, no? Meanwhile, bottoms up with a good cuppa whatever’s yummy!

      • I had my iced chai while grocery shopping this morning and I hope you’ve enjoyed your cuppa, too, my friend! We will have to keep in mind a future meet in person somewhere in the middle. That would be wonderful! Have a great Memorial Day weekend, K! xoxo

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