Fear Not, I’m Entirely as Silly as I Seem

Digital illustrationMission Soon Accomplished

If I should seem suspicious or you think me too reserved

To let my hair down and relax; if I make you unnerved,

Don’t get all nervous and afraid–don’t fall apart and cry–

It’s not your fault that I’m this way: I’m not a super-spy.

There’s nothing wrong or worrisome that you should fear from me;

No problem, nor is there a thing that’s not as it should be–

Unless, of course, you would include on such a list of crimes

That I lie here in wait for you, reciting silly rhymes.

My mission, I confess to you, is simply to drive mad

Each person passing near enough to hear, however bad,

Each silly and ridiculous and impish bit of verse

I can dream up and spout at you; they go from bad to worse.

The only point in all of it, and you can rest assured,

Is that my secret will get out: I’m totally absurd.


17 thoughts on “Fear Not, I’m Entirely as Silly as I Seem

  1. Absurd is good, Kathryn … especially, the way you ‘do it’! Apologies for my absence. Brain power being sucked pretty dry from finishing a novel. Hope you are well. XO ♥

    • So gracious of you to take the time, beloved. I hope all is going swimmingly with the book polishing!!! I’m mostly well, and the summertime adventures have started already, so I expect I’ll be plunging headlong into Autumn before I’ve blinked ten times, knowing how these things go! Much love to you.

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