Thirsty as Ever

Last week we were rained on rather thoroughly in Puerto Rico, but only in a welcome, friendly way. That’s how it gets, and stays, so verdant and rich—Rico—there, after all. Other than trying to steer clear of the biggest instant rivers in the roads, the only negative reaction I can say I had to the episode was one of longing for the same thing to happen just a little more often in Texas. Happily, there was a brief, modest rainfall today. But I’m feeling a little greedy, and hoping for more.
Photo: Thunderhead near San JuanSo Rain, Already

Something hanging in the air, like newly laundered sheets

Oppresses breath and dampens souls and irons out the streets;

Humidity flows, deep and wide, ’til birds transform to fish,

Swimming in air as thick as seas, until my fondest wish

Is that a seam should open up the center of the sky

And rain pour down, and I’ll feel, too, so happy I could cry.Photo: Thunderclouds over San Juan

14 thoughts on “Thirsty as Ever

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    • I must admit, when there are droughts and wildfires and suchlike sprinkled (if that’s not too inappropriate a word in this context) all over the world at the same that other regions are having horrible hundred-year floods and mudslides, I can’t help but be amazed at how capricious nature can be. All the same, I never fail to find a beautiful cloud formation compelling.

      • It is amazing how mother nature works. I suppose i can go out and take more dry hill photos which would represent the drought here in California. I just hope I don’t have the opportunity to take the fires!

    • Isn’t it a pity we can’t all share our excesses with those who would gladly have them! Not exactly a balanced gift-giver, Mother Nature. I thought mothers weren’t supposed to be quite so biased or mercurial in dealing with their children. 😉

  2. Because I grew up on a farm, I’m still acutely aware of the weather and appreciative of rain. We’ve had drought for several years now and each shower is a blessing. During the past two weeks, I’ve had almost 8 inches of rain! That might be enough to be considered a drought-breaker. This past weekend, my family was back on the farm and it rained 4 1/2 inches. Two cars got stuck in the mud, one at a time, blocking the only way out when one of my sons had to leave at a certain time to catch a plane back to San Francisco. He left an hour late BUT the plane departed an hour late and he made it. ‘Twas an adventure. 🙂
    Enjoyed your poem. I’ve written a number of poems about rain and storms an it was interesting to see your poetic descriptions.

    • Good grief! Quite the inundation. So glad your son traveled safely after all of that. I’ve had more delays flying *out* of SFO than *into* it, myself, but never by getting sucked into a mud bog, at that! I’m so glad for you that you’ve had a return of rain, all the same. Here’s hoping it’s a sign of *good* balance to come.

      And yes, I’ve enjoyed some of your rain and storm poetry very much!

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