Flowers for Two

We are neither dead nor quarantined in a sanatorium. But a shared cold makes for a sad household. One impatient patient is perfectly capable of drawing a thin pall of gloom over home and holdings, but when both (or in this case, all) inhabitants of the place feel lousy, the plot, like the creeping crud in one’s lungs, thickens.

I’m sending a little bouquet of flowers, if only the handmade kind I don’t have to have a car to drive to a good florist’s shop to acquire, to both of us. It’s unpleasant enough to be ill, even a little bit, but when the entire family operation shuts down, there’s no one resilient enough to make all of the necessary chicken soup, commiserate and pat everyone’s head with a sympathetic sigh over his or her immeasurable suffering, and keep everything in the home place properly tended.

So we’ll sit around moping, dragging ourselves to do the required things as best we can and retreating afterward to sit among the dishes that still haven’t been put away three days after washing and that pile of papers mounting ever higher on the desk—not in the files—and try to focus mind and energy enough to write that one necessary report, edit that small sheaf of articles, go through that backlog of digital illustration records to find the missing image…and we’ll nod off to sleep again, interrupting ourselves in that only with dispirited bouts of rib-wracking coughing and wheezing and self-pitying snuffles.

I know perfectly well that this will pass, and though it feels interminable in its midst, rather quickly at that. What are a few days of ‘down time’ in one’s whole span of life? But if I have to sit back moodily on my enervated haunches for the while, at least I’ll send myself and my fellow inmate a batch of hand-drawn flowers and all of the well-wishing I can muster in my current state. Here’s to better days ahead!Digital illustration: Flowers for Us

18 thoughts on “Flowers for Two

    • Thank you, Steve. Richard’s on the upswing, I think, and seems to be sleeping tonight for the first time in a while. I’m a couple of days behind him, so have been sitting up sleepless while alternating mouth-breathing with the occasional clearing of my sinuses that leads mostly back to coughing, re-congestion, and mouth-breathing. Sigh. This, too, shall pass! 😉 It’s *only* a cold, I keep telling myself. 🙂

  1. Our household got hit with some sort of bizarre spring flu this week and I have to admit to being a little bitter. It’s gorgeous weather here and all I want to do is garden. What I’m really doing is lying about achy and cranky. May both our households see healthier days soon!

    • Hope you’re getting better quickly, Michelle! Sucks to be sick. No matter what it is or how large or small the dis-ease, it’s guaranteed to be inconvenient as well as frustrating. Hope the beautiful weather long outlasts your flu!

    • Looking forward to being able to sleep again! I almost *never* have insomnia, but for some reason this particular cold had it in for me. I tried for about an hour to fool myself that I could sleep without being able to breathe through my nose or stop having coughing jags, but since that was likely to wake up my spouse who *is* sleeping for the first time in days, I figured I might as well get up and get something done, so here I am. The good news it that he seems to be mending, and I hope to follow the same pattern soon! The other good news is that if I can’t sleep, at least I’ve spent some of the extra wakeful time tackling the cleaning. 😉 Thanks for the welcome hugs!

    • Thank you, Beautiful. R had a better evening and is sleeping now, so there’s hope for both of us since he got the bug first…. Hope *you’re* doing well. 🙂

    • Thank you, Maggie, I’m doing the best I can. 😉 It always seems suuuuuuch sloooooow gooooooing. But soon it’ll be daylight again (lack of sleep possibility this past night notwithstanding) and I’ll stuff myself full of further home remedies and see if I can conjure up enough energy to beat the nasty Bugs. Hope *you’re* well these days!

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