Let’s Just Hug It Out

The Cuddlesome Kraken

You think that I’m all hands, my love,

Controlling, holding tightly so?

Don’t wriggle, struggle, push and shove;

This is the only way I know!Digital illustration: Cool Kraken

I love you, darling, s’truth I do,

So let’s just cut right to the chase—

Let me wrap all my arms ’round you—

Embrace, embrace, embrace, embrace!Digital illustration: Kraken is Warm for Your Form

4 thoughts on “Let’s Just Hug It Out

  1. The first image seems more cuddly than the second…must be all the warm energy from the orange and red that makes it not so cuddly. So strange, because or age is my favorite color!


    • Of course, there’s the fact that octopi turn red when angry! 😉 The cool blues would be safer in the real world. But then, this hug-a-licious fella is purely fictional anyway. 😀
      We’ll leave the sea-monsters to their own devices. If you want a hug, I’ll gladly provide it. I promise I’m safer. 😉

    • Ain’t it the truth! 😀 I do, too, as it turns out, but mine tend to be generally less terrifying, I think, than Mr. Kraken’s. But I s’pose you’d have to ask my family and friends to get *their* take on it. 😉

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