All Aflutter

Photo: Sneaky Bird

Photobombed by some kind of small heron (I think), I didn’t even see this beauty until I enlarged the photo and found it in the very bottom corner of what was already a pretty woodland scene by the beach in Puerto Rico. Sneaky little fella.

Birdwatching was one of those pursuits that mystified me when I was much younger. Ignorant youth! I always appreciated that birds looked pretty in a general way, or were exotic, or sang wonderfully or had intriguing nesting and feeding habits, but I suppose I rarely went beyond that in my appreciation of the creatures.

I can’t even quite say when that shallow attitude deepened. While I’m still far from a skilled or knowledgeable birder, let alone an ornithologist, I think I can claim to have gotten smarter somewhere along the way, to the degree that even in places I visit constantly and expect nothing new, I am almost always on hopeful watch for birds of any kind.

Never mind that I can still misidentify a female Cardinal as a Cedar Waxwing at remarkably close quarters and be endlessly fooled by Mockingbirds‘ varied calls and songs as being other birds’ entirely. I have fallen in love with birds and observation of them much more as I age. Their unique beauties set my heart beating a little bit faster. Opening a window to hear an avian chorus in full and tuneful counterpoint opens my soul as well as my ears. Seeing the characteristic wing shape of a gleaming vulture against the singed blue of the summer sky or the forked feathers on a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher lifts my spirits as though I could launch upward into the heavens as they all do. Now that I’ve ousted my childish casualness toward birds, I don’t want them to leave me behind.

Photo: Shore Bird

Another bodacious birdie from near the Puerto Rican shore.

6 thoughts on “All Aflutter

  1. I’ve recently gotten into watching birdies. I’ve learned different foods attract different birds. Let them come to me! ! I’m not a stalker. . No patience. I follow many bird photographers, I can’t sit in a blind, quiet and still for longer than 5 minutes! 🐦🐥 Great pix, btw

    • You and me both. I’ve got no patience for the kind of watching that takes, you know, skills and knowledge and, well, patience. 😉 Glad you liked the shots. Pure luck, of course, on my part. 😀

    • Tricky little fellas, aren’t they. Nobody knows better than you how much serendipity it takes, regardless of the amount of skill, to photograph wildlife of any kind. But you’ve gotten tons more cool photos of wildlife of all sorts than I have, so I’d say your skills *and* serendipity quotient surpass mine by a long shot!!! Keep up the great work. 🙂

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