Swimming Upstream

Some days are easier than others. Ask any salmon. It’s really amazing, what salmon have to accomplish to make the journey back to their home waters to spawn, fighting the elements, predators, and tough currents all the way over whatever massive miles they’ve wandered, just to get back to where they started, and spawn, and die.

Life is short for others besides us humans.

Some days, I do feel like I’m swimming upstream the whole time, battling my own set of challenges, and know that no matter what the celebrations back in my home waters, the end of the story is always death. The way of all things.

But far more often, I’m thinking that if life is already short, adventure-filled, quite possibly arduous at times, and certainly unpredictable, then I’d better be making the most of the journey. Whenever I can, I should be leaping and laughing, and making a pretty big splash as I go. Anything else is just drowning in slow motion. Bon voyage, everyone, I’m away!Digital Illustration: Fish are Jumpin'

7 thoughts on “Swimming Upstream

  1. Great post, my friend! I can really relate, since I’ve been restoring salmon habitat for the last six years. It’s an uphill battle securing grant funds for projects, but it’s well worth the effort. I think you would enjoy my post “Rest in Pisces.” I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend 🙂 Tare care!

    • You did it again. Great poem, and thanks for all you do for old Ma Nature’s welfare. I’m grateful committed and smart people like you are on the job every day. Have a fabulous weekend yourself! 🙂

  2. for some reason your post brought this to mind …

    Submit to pressure from peers
    and you move down to their level.
    Speak up for your own beliefs
    and you invite them up to your level.
    If you move with the crowd,
    you’ll get no further than the crowd.
    When 40 million people believe in a dumb idea,
    it’s still a dumb idea.
    Simply swimming with the tide leaves you nowhere.
    So if you believe in something that’s good,
    honest and right, stand up for it.
    Maybe your peers will get smart and drift your way.

    — “Wall Street Journal”

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