Keeping My Eyes Open

Let’s not quibble about why I’m here; just show some respect for my dedication. I keep watch, I am the guardian, I stand undaunted at attention. I am a tireless protector. Never mind that I’m protecting what I hope might be my lunch, or at the least, my plaything for the while. I am a cat, and that is what the best of us cats do. It is nature and vocation.Digital illustration: In the Catbird Seat

The mouse living in there, well, he might have a slightly different point of view. But let’s be honest: his place in the natural scheme of things is as a cat’s toy or treat, isn’t it just. So I shall perch here and keep my patience, and never you mind criticizing my ways. That would be too—well, human of you. And you didn’t want to share your house with a mouse, now, did you! Just look away. I’m busy here.

14 thoughts on “Keeping My Eyes Open

    • We all have our specialties! It’s probably good that you have a couple of good hunters around, as it always beats sharing the house with mice, no matter how charming and cute those little guys are. I’m with the old girl that sticks to eating her kibble. Wait, I *am* that old girl!!! 😀
      Have a glorious weekend, my sweet! We take off for our travels tomorrow, so I’ll be out of the loop for several weeks, but I will think of you fondly all the same!

  1. Oh, I love this, Kathryn and have shared this ‘point of view’ on Facebook for “I am a cat(lover), and that is what the best of us (cat lovers) do. It is nature and vocation.” 🙂 XO

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