I am Moved

Photo: Where the Wind Takes MeTransportation

These days, a gentle breeze is quite enough to take me down,

to knock me senseless to the curb, to blow me out of town,

or out of countenance, at leastโ€”but if I am astute,

I’ll let the breezes blow and take me down a different route.

Why should I let a breath derail my happiness like wrath,

if I can take it in my sail and find a different path?Photo: The Winds Bend but Do Not Break Me

33 thoughts on “I am Moved

  1. That is a great perspective to hold.

    “Why should I let a breath derail my happiness like wrath,
    if I can take it in my sail and find a different path?”

    I wonder though if holding an intention alone can lead to this change in us. What else do we need for such a perspective shift to occur?


    • I think that the wind in the sails isn’t enough by itself for a productive or happy voyage: it takes someone to tend the sails, and the rudder, and perhaps sometimes the oars, too! But without the inspiration or energy that the wind represents, perhaps it’s hard for many of us to be motivated and strong enough to try. Thank you so much for coming by, my friend! Blessings to you.

    • Thank you, my lovely! I am moving out of easy computer range tomorrow for the choir tour + a little recovery time afterward, so won’t have much chance to correspond in the next few weeks, but I’ll hope to be able to at least look and read in the meantime! And I’ll be happy to return and visit again later. Don’t know that I can live up to your standards with my travel pics, but I’llโ€”ahem!โ€”give it a shot!

        • Cool! Do you remember who conducts the SFBC? Just curious if it’d be anyone R knows. We’re already having a great time on our first leg of the trip, and last night was the first concert, to a full house. ๐Ÿ˜€ xo

        • Ian Robertson is the Artistic Director, Concert Chorus and Graduate Chorale Director and Margaret Nomura Clark is the
          Associate Artistic Director, Training Chorus Program Director, and Intermediate Chorus Director. It was excellent! Glad you had a full house to kick off the leg!

  2. Kathryn, this is the first time I truly took time to read your work and I am honest, I am moved. So many times I just click like due to time, and I miss out on so much. That is how I feel with your work. I really love the way you think, the way you see things, and how you speak truthfully. I respect that tremendously. I will make a great effort to read your new posts in the future. I really related to this poem, your words, and though I myself am a seasoned traveler knowing how to change sails, there are times yet I myself find me sinking instead of floating. Life is not easy at times. Thank you for doing what you are here. Also, your background color is very close to mine. Nice. Kindred spirits or something like that. Now that I got all that out of the way, I say goodnight, for that is where I was headed until something pulled me one last time to my iPad. It must have been you. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • What an incredibly gracious note, (((Amy)))! I thank you from the bottom of my (yes, kindred) heart. I’m loving each visit to your place, even if I don’t get nearly enough time to stop and comment when I’d like, so I hope you’ll know that I’m a very happy ‘lurker’ there whenever I can be. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll look forward to much more as we go along. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kathryn, it’s true that life is so busy at times, that when we would like to take the time to comment, we just don’t have it to give. Know when I lurk, and I do appreciate your work and what all you stand for as well. I am honored that our paths have crossed. Love, Amy

        • I return the admiration and am equally delighted that we have met here! Many, many blessings and joys be yours, dear Amy! xo

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