Foodie Tuesday: I Feel Crabby and that’s Just Fine

I’m having those old crustacean cravings again. It’s a good thing I’ll get a chance to visit some coastal locales this summer to indulge. Will it be time for a cool, refreshing Crab Louis again? Crab mac and cheese? Crab cakes? Crab sushi*? Or the pristine classic of plain, freshly cooked crab with melted butter and a wedge of lemon?

All of the above, if I’m lucky.

Digital painting from a photo: Feeling Crabby

The more, the merrier, when it comes to such things. I love shrimp and lobster too, yes, but crab—particularly Dungeness crab—has my heart. Maybe I feel a little kinship with those crusty crustaceans, if only in name. I certainly have a nostalgic connection, remembering many a delicious crab feast from my younger days as a coastal kid.

Photo: Crab, Chillin'

Perhaps I’ll fix up something that can be eaten hot, cold or room temperature and can be made ahead and chilled and/or reheated, something like:

Crab Noodles

Combine cooked glass noodles or rice noodles, fresh Dungeness crab, chopped fresh sugar snap peas, a handful of finely shredded raw carrots, fine matchsticks of fresh ginger root, and cubes of grilled pineapple. Dress the blend with a mixture of Tamari, lime juice or rice vinegar (the latter unseasoned), honey, and either red pepper flakes or hot chili oil to taste. Sprinkle with some black or toasted white sesame seeds before serving.

PS—Turns out sushi won the race, but I’m not done with the search yet!

10 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: I Feel Crabby and that’s Just Fine

  1. harry the lobster asked if you’d release him for a day, he’s a few friends on the sea bed, and wonders if he’ll be allowed to visit with them one more time!

    • I’ll grant him a reprieve, of course. No offense to him, but my sort *does* tend to think that a larger lobster is a good thing, too, and worth the wait. 😉

  2. Crab is my favourite, favourite, favourite Kath. I grew up eating crab caught in the river and have the fondest memories of brown bread crab and mayo sandwiches. Heaven, I tell you!
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could enjoy eating crab together one day, oh that would be lovely!
    Have a beautiful day dear.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    • Then let’s hope we can feast on it sometime together! Richard and I own (and are currently renting out) a condo to which we *may* someday retire, just about 15 minutes’ drive from *the* Dungeness Spit. It’s on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, and also directly across the straits from Victoria, BC, so a favorite place for many reasons. If and when we get there you’ll have to visit! 🙂

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