I am a Three-Year-Old

Digital illustration: Coloring Book/Stained GlassHave I matured as much in three years of daily blogging as a toddler does in her first three years of life? Highly unlikely. I was, after all, already a half century old and probably set in many of my ways to a degree that could forestall any large amount of progress toward real change, or at least drag it by the ankles dramatically.

Chances are, I haven’t made a huge number of changes as a person in general during the last three years. But I can lay claim to some growth, after all.

Moving to the wholly new world of life here in Texas in 2009 certainly necessitated some change. My aging corpus may not have made the transition perfectly: being over-endowed with the internal furnace function of middle-aged hormonal fun isn’t entirely compatible with the outdoor temperature norms here, and like many transplanted citizens I’ve done some battle with the local slate of allergens new to my system.

On the positive side, what I’ve found as a blogger echoes the best of what I found in migrating from my longtime home in the Pacific Northwest to the new-to-me frontier of North Texas, an entirely different sort of northern-ness. Entering new territories, both the real and the online ones, presented the possibility of encountering insurmountable tasks and challenges, or worse yet, unfriendly natives. Of course, my being still in Texas after five years and still blogging after three tells you that none of those fears proved true. Quite the reverse, in fact, considering that I’ve had some lovely experiences in both worlds during my brief tenure here, and I’ve garnered a whole cadre of wonderful friends in both, as well.

In short, I would amend my initial statement so far as to say that anything leading to such an exponential increase in the size and variety and quality of my circle of compatriots seems to me the very best kind of growth possible. Happy blogiversary to me this week—and more importantly, from me to all of you, who have made the journey so worthwhile and still so inviting. Who knows where the next three years may take us all!

19 thoughts on “I am a Three-Year-Old

    • What an interesting idea! I’ve thought about what it’d be like to see some of my images in tapestry (had I the skill myself or the cash to hire someone), but it didn’t occur to me with this one. Meanwhile, Richard and I just got back from a visit to a favorite small house-museum where one of the two galleries happened to be dedicated right now to the work of a locally famous weaver. Synchronicity rules again! 🙂

      • Gotta love that universal influence of synchronicity! 😀
        Actually at first I thought your image WAS a rug hooking. It was something I thought of trying after I paid a visit to a tapestry artist on a studio tour. I didn’t try too hard, though. I figured that I’d lose interest immediately after I purchased the materials and registered for the class – just as I have done any number of times!

  1. Happy blogiversary to you AND many more great posts ! I just loved those with blue chandelier in your garden, your kitchen organisational hints, I could recognise myself too at some 50years related topics and I like reading your recipes . So you’be changed my life a bit, too. Thank you!

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