Altered Pates

Photo montage: Mycological MysteriesMycological Mysteries & Mishaps

A mushroom-hunter in the woods

has grasped the essence of the goods:

Ingesting whilst she picks and roams,

she damages her chromosomes;

Yet, happy, hopping, fails to know

she killed those brain cells long ago,

And thus can skip through vale and copse

quite blithely, nibbling mushroom-topsβ€”

For nothing is so esoteric

as munching on a Fly Agaric,

But she knows not she shouldn’t eat a

bit of tasty Amanitaβ€”

Thus goes the world, and with it, sense,

when fungus fans face recompense.

9 thoughts on “Altered Pates

  1. In freshman Botany, my professor went into great detail about a family that picked the wrong mushrooms, ate them, and died one by one, agonizingly over a period of several days. I think that’s all I remember from his class. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, that’s what would stick with *me* out of it all, too. Yikes. I met a man whose brother had a similar misadventure but “only” lost his liver as a result of the ingestion. I’ll gladly stay with store-bought, farm raised ‘shrooms, thanks.

    • Despite my knowing one of those true near-death stories of a person’s too-close encounter with ‘shrooms (innocently meant for food, not partying), I couldn’t help thinking up fantastical tales when I saw all of these colorful fungal oddities on our hikes! Something about my twisted mind, I’m sure. πŸ˜€

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