Be that Light

Photo montage + text: Mirror for Contemplating Possibility

Photo + text: Toward Light

Photo + text: Solrosbarna

Photo montage + text: Solrosbarna 2: Greatest Gift

12 thoughts on “Be that Light

  1. “to conjure light ourselves”

    nice way to think of it … when you can’t find the light, become busy with the process of creating some light, and in the very act of creating the light, you will have become immersed in the glow … very nicely done, and one I imagine I’ll remember at some point in the future, so thank you for sharing your own bit of inspiration

    • You know well enough what it is to live in the shadows at times; I really do hope that any little flicker of light brought by imagining yourself in the heart of a gleam of your own making might give you strength in the dark times.

    • What a lovely thought! Thank you. 🙂
      PS—Hope the summer saw you having some really wonderful travel adventures, whether close to home or far afield! I must find time to stop by your blog and check on your activities!

    • Thank *you* for such kind words. Your blog, whether you’re being playful or serious, sheds much light in the world as well. I am grateful to have ‘met’ you here! 😀

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