Parked Her Carcase

Digital illustration: Belinda Babbitt

Speaking as a person whose sense of direction can barely get me from my own front door to the kitchen and back without assistance, I have a certain empathy for even the fictional characters who lose their ways in the world. Not so much so that I don’t laugh up my sleeves just a little at their plight all the same, since they are, after all, make-believe…
Digital illustration + text: Parked

18 thoughts on “Parked Her Carcase

  1. Fab image and your words gave me a big smile! My sense of direction leaves much to be desired. My husband delights in my plight whenever we stay in a hotel; I can never remember whether I go right or left out of our room, wherever we are staying! 😄 x

  2. Love the image, Kathryn, and so very glad to read it was crated with colored pencils and charcoal. Had it been app-made, we’d be that much closer to living in Terminator time.

    • I consider digital art media just another set of tools to keep in my smock pockets (whoa, cool name for a very retro art supply store, no? “Welcome to Smock Pockets!”), especially since getting the hang of any particular app and the textures and shapes and colors I can make with it, is not much different from learning to use the analog counterparts, except for the much greater portability and smaller mess. However, there are times when real-world stuff you can touch and yes, get messy in is still great fun. Go figure! 🙂

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