There we were in our hotel room in Prague—much more sophisticated and glamorous than the sort we’d have booked for ourselves, to be sure, thanks to the tour organizers—and I looked up and saw this through the curtains on our window:
Photo: Through the Curtains

Isn’t it amazing how just the hint of an image, a fluttering silhouette in the afternoon sun, can promise so much romance and adventure?
Digital illustration from a photo: Shades of Dusk

You know, naturally, that since we were in Prague, any promise of romance and adventure was bound to be fulfilled and, indeed, surpassed. A holiday of any sort is not to be shunned, generally speaking. But when I find myself in a city so marvelously compounded of history, mystery, drama and delight as Prague, I feel from the first glimpse of its thousand towers that frisson, that lovely shiver, presaging wonderful things not yet imagined even by me in my most vivid dreams.

4 thoughts on “Foreshadowed

  1. I do not which is more vivid for me right now. The idea of Prague with everything that name holds within it or the image evoked by your words.
    Happy vacationing!! Hope to see more of Prague through your magic tinted eyes!

  2. I visited Prague in the early 90’s, when tourist dollars just started to flood the economy. The buildings of much of the city were still coated in black from decades of burning coal for energy. You can imagine, then, the shock of walking into the city center to find everything scrubbed clean, with bright colors on display. We all remarked that it must have been how Dorothy felt when she exited her house in Oz. One day I’ll make it back there.I’d love to see how the rest of the city has been transformed.

    • Both Prague and Budapest have really started to blossom in the years since we last visited, too. What was rather dark and grimy and post-Communist grim has begun to revitalize. Even the still-disheveled stuff looks perkier in that context of renewal. 🙂

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