A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I didn’t know if I should tell this secret, since it wasn’t entirely mine to tell, but now that I see she posted about it too, I can brag that I will have a fabulous family of new neighbors in just a few months! This is the second time I’ve gotten to meet blogging friends in the real world, and the second time it’s happened because they moved to the same town where I live, a double bonus in my experience. First, it was the estimable man and marvelous photographer/artist Ted Griffith who arrived with his lovely wife and landed in this place that’s turning into a tiny hotbed of blogging, apparently. I got to tell you about that happy crossing of paths earlier.

Now I’ve also had a fantastic visit from the fabulous Marie and her charming and delightful husband and granddaughter, who will move into this same town, just down the pike from us, along with another two members of the family and brighten the north Texas landscape yet further. What a superb and unexpected benefit of blogging. Life is so full of happy surprises!

I suggest you have a nice visit to both of their blogs, tout de suite—Ted’s very inspiring photography and photo-based artworks can be found at Ted Griffith’s Blog and Marie’s world of wonders resides at (for now, anyway) her own little corner of Rhode Island. I’m just guessing there may be a quick little change of blog title somewhere in Miss Marie’s future, if you know what I mean.

The more important purpose of my post today, of course, is to celebrate that serendipitous joy of worlds colliding in the happiest of ways. I have been the blessed and blissful beneficiary of many of the marvels of this ever-smaller world’s confluences and connections. There’s such joy to be found in the miraculous meetings of the wildly interconnected world, and it’s amazing how often the seemingly unrelated threads and paths of our existence meet. What’s not to like about finding the commonalities and happy relationships between us by having our separate and distinct journeys intersect in unpredicted and wonderful ways!

Digital illustration: Confetti

Let’s throw a little confetti and a ticker tape parade in honor of serendipitous connections, my friends!

20 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. That is so cool!
    I don’t think I have anyone that close to me right now. However, I’m elusive as to my exact location.

    • I’m generally more confused than elusive about my location! But this is one of the things that’s always been so fun about getting to know my neighbors…from when I was young, all the way through, I’ve been gifted with good and interesting neighbors of all sorts. Lucky me! 🙂

      • Crack me up! Confused about your location! Haha!
        You are lucky to have nice neighbors.
        I finally do now, however, I’ve had some doosy’s in the past.

    • It really is a gift to have fantastic neighbors, and I’ve been spoiled by having lots of great ones all along, really. My experience with getting to meet so many truly wonderful and endlessly interesting friends like you through blogging just confirm my sense of being highly privileged in the selection of people around me!

    • Starting to think it’s more like three degrees, nowadays! Funny how the old world does shrink—and rather lovely, from my point of view. Happy Hummingbirds to you for the weekend, dear Janet! xoxo

    • Well, I’ll admit it’s far easier to be virtuous when I’m virtual, but it’s been amazing and meaningful to get to know a couple of fellow cyberspace-cadets in the real world as well. I don’t doubt that we’ll see more and more paths cross this way as the internet becomes ever more an expected part of our interactions. My hope is that it will teach us all further about our commonalities and make us more civil and even compassionate, in the long run, rather than the shallow behavior of trolls that marred the more sporadic i-world initially. I might as well dream big; after all, it’s the stuff of dreams to have met a couple of “pen pals” in real life, already. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend, Brad!

  2. Absolutely with you on this one! ‘Synchrodestiny’ as Deepak Chopra calls it! I am hoping to meet a fellow blogger for the first time next week when we go to Ireland. He lives in the same town as my son and family and Ive only recently found this out! He has a mindfulness blog that I have been following for a few years now. He has been living in France and told us all recently he has moved back to his native Ireland… 😊 xxx

    • What a joyful confluence *that* is! I expect you’ll have an incredibly lovely time in Ireland, and this new meeting will certainly be a bonus to both of you. Much love!
      PS—Synchrodestiny. What an excellent word! 🙂

  3. How wonderful to have fellow bloggers move so close to you, Kathryn! Wow, who would even think that possible? I’m happy you’re getting the opportunity to meet some of your virtual friends. I haven’t been as lucky, but maybe someday…:)

    • One of the funny things about blogging is that it’s entirely possible that we’re right next door to some of our fellow bloggers already and wouldn’t necessarily know it, both because some are reticent about precisely where they live and because others (like me) are just terrible geographers and clueless about where things are really located in relation to where we sit! But yes, it’s a bonus to have crossed paths in 3D, so to speak. Who knows but that you and I might get to do so sometime, too! 🙂

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