Costume Jewelry & the Genuine Article

Digital illustration: Costume JewelryAs an inveterate magpie, I’m admittedly enchanted by almost anything sparkly and glinting that happens to catch my eye. A flash of reflected sun from a momentary wavelet on a lake at eventide is no better or worse than a shred of tinfoil glimmering from the dark recesses of a trash bin, when it comes to attention-getting power. I wonder at times whether this attitude of mine spills over into accepting cheap substitutes for the real thing in areas of life and knowledge that matter far more than mere visual stimulation does.

Do I pay enough attention to my life and all of its contextual influences?

I do when I remember. But that’s never quite enough, is it? It can become a plain old excuse to say ‘I’m only human.’ So much more power is given us, if we dare to exercise it. No matter what my beliefs and convictions are, if I’m given the capability of questioning and examining them and growing through deeper listening and learning, should I not use that power fully and joyfully? I am reminded often enough by my failures and faults that I can only engage this discernment usefully for myself and have neither the power nor the right to assume my journey will apply to all (or indeed, any) others. This sojourn of learning, questing and listening, and yes, looking at both the shiny objects and those seemingly dull ones presented to me will lead, if I am both fortunate and patient, determined and humble, to a treasury more valuable than all of the scintillations in a world of costume jewelry.

6 thoughts on “Costume Jewelry & the Genuine Article

    • Thanks, sweet Mandy! Yes, I waver between my convictions or passions and my deep uncertainties more often than some people change their socks. 😉 But I’m mighty grateful that my ability to be happy and contented isn’t entirely dependent on that sort of thing nowadays as it was when I was younger. There are definite advantages to getting older! 🙂
      And every note from you makes my life happier, sunnier and warmer, too. ❤

    • You can’t imagine how much your hugs and love mean, Lauren. You are such a generous and faithful friend that I perk up at the mere sight of your picture, knowing that words of warmth and wisdom will follow, whether it’s at your place or mine—or even when I see your comments on other friends’ blogs!


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