Deep Sea Wishing

Digital illustration: Psychedelic PstarfishPsychedelic Pstarfish

Seems sillier than psyllium to sing of starry seas,

Yet so the ocean’s silken shore’s sufficient proof of these

That sparkling in such shady deep, something is sure to gleam

In stunning stellar specks and sparks in that submergèd stream,

So sing we sweet and shining songs of starfish as we wish

Upon the evening star to see a firmament of fish

7 thoughts on “Deep Sea Wishing

    • Dear Nan Beth, if you have a color scheme of choice and wish it, I’ll convert it to that and email you a file for printing. 🙂 Hope all’s well with you! We’ve had a brisk week or so since I came back down to TX post-Mom’s & Dad’s birthday celebrations, so it’s been kind of fun to have an actual Season other than Summer and Not-Quite-Summer here for a bit. 😀

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