Through Winter’s Window, Dimly

Photo: Light Looks In

Change of Season

Between the rain spells, when the sun is glinting onto rose and road
The youthful smells of spring are hinting that ahead the broken code
Winter left in seed and scion will reveal its inner life,
Where what had appeared as dying wakes again with newness rife.
Open eyes and open windows! Let indoors the fresh new air,
Breathing in what melts the snows and pushes out all winter’s cares.
So renew the self and senses and embrace the growth and light
Breaking down all old defenses, setting earth again aright.

4 thoughts on “Through Winter’s Window, Dimly

    • It was another busy but good weekend; we’re both feeling some relief that the church interim position will end after Christmas and we can go back to Richard’s “only” having one full time job again for a while! Meanwhile, we’re enjoying our first couple of free days since who-knows-when, even though we both managed to catch colds (so easily passed around in school, choir, church, and family/friends’ gatherings, all of which have been constant this fall). Tomorrow, *absolutely nothing* on the calendar. Worth writing *that* on the calendar!!! Hope you’re doing splendidly, my dearest, and looking toward a beautiful weekend yourself!


    • We just had a couple of days of long drives, seeing some actual color in the trees for that rare Texas moment when it can be enjoyed, so I’m not as antsy for Spring as usual. 😉 But I’m never sorry when it arrives anyhow!!! 😀

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