Crashing through the Snow

Few things are as visibly expressive of joy as a dog bounding excitedly through deep snow. Except, possibly, a whole bunch of dogs, plus a whole cadre of little kids, leaping, tunneling, floundering, grinning, and generally exploding their way through the same drifts.
Digital illustration: Snowflake

The problem with being an adult human is that we become so conscious of our creakiness and increasingly inflexible bodies, so obsessed with the dangers of having an infarction while shoveling or being speared in the forehead by a forty-pound icicle from the eaves, so hung up on our supposed decorum and dignity, that we stop risking not only true dangers but the possibility of gleefully tipping arse-over-teakettle into a billowing heap of powdery snow. It’s really too bad, because an occasional tumble from the pedestals we prop ourselves on, a momentary reminder of our own foolish frailty, and a smart whack on the overly fixed sense of reality is well worth a little bruising on ego and elbow. It might just teach us a renewed appreciation for the beauties of snow and nature. Why, if one were to be exceedingly incautious in the event, it might even turn out to be fun.

8 thoughts on “Crashing through the Snow

    • I was rather hoping we’d see a dash of snow for the crashing while in Washington state this week, but the masses of rain have been accompanied mostly by record high temperatures, so we’re seeing flooding and power outages instead. So I’ll keep the snow-bounding in my heart for later! 😉

  1. A very light-hearted look at how we become all too serious as adults. Crashing through the snow. How cute, and appropriate. The picture in my head makes me smile.

  2. It’s true. I remember our dog used to run like the dickens in circles throwing her nose in and out of the snow when we relased her outside after a storm. It didn’t matter how much she tripped or how deep it was she was in heaven. It’s a shame conventions prevent adults from enjoying life the same way, at least on occasion.

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