Foodie Tuesday: Worth Getting Out of Bed

On some rare occasions, it’s actually worth getting out of bed before noon-ish. When the breakfast is that good, you know you’ve accomplished something, because I have no intention of cracking my eyelids open any earlier than I absolutely must. Sleep is the one thing I crave more deeply and often than food, and you all know how much I covet good eating, so it takes the prospect of great culinary splendor to drag me from the comfort of my bed one minute before I am good and ready to do so on my own.Photo: Breakfast in Budapest

Since I’m generally the one responsible for putting breakfast, if any, on my own plate, you can guess how often I’m likely to spring into action to see such a meal prepared and presented. I may have some lovely dreams about breakfast, but I prefer to enjoy them while still firmly ensconced in bed. When I do break my fast, it’s far more likely to be with brunch or even lunch than anything earlier, given my druthers.
Photo: Bulle med Kardemumma

I tend to make exceptions when I’m traveling. Often, the causes for the expeditions are beyond my hourly control, so if I have to be up before my internal alarm is interested in my arising, I will generally take advantage of any good food being offered by my hosts, whether they’re homeowners hospitably letting me invade their personal space or hotels with in-house breakfast accommodations. These pictures, for example, come from the summer’s travels and represent foods that went a long way toward ameliorating the agony of having to get out of bed before it seemed the rational thing to do. If anyone is to have half a hope of maneuvering me out of a comfy sleep any time before my body would grudgingly agree to that negotiation, it had better be, at the very least, with a magnificent cardamom roll (bottom photo, from Sandhamn, Sweden). Or perhaps the mind-bendingly gorgeous and seemingly endless spread offered in the palatial breakfast room (top photo) of our hotel in Budapest this summer. Otherwise, you can trust me when I tell you that it’s advisable to let sleeping dogs lie.

5 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Worth Getting Out of Bed

  1. Gorgeous photos – enough to awaken the taste buds, even if the eyes are slow to follow. I’m with you, sister, on that sleep thing being appreciated as much, if not more, than delectable delicacies. In fact, just this morning, my eyes stubbornly refused to open, even though I knew it was past time to let the poor pooches out to relieve their bursting bladders. Finally, even in the delicious vacancy of deep sleep, my internal alarm chimed, and my reluctant feet slid towards the floor, as my eyes cracked open ever-so-slightly, and my brain began to engage in the matters of the day. Thankfully, the dogs were patient with me, and allowed my selfish lingering.

  2. I am so with you, Kathryn. I’m not one for breakfast at all, preferring a cup or 2 of coffee to start my day. When vacationing, however, I’m scrounging for food every morning. Must be the air. I hear foreign air can do strange things to you.

  3. I’m reading this as I’m eating the leftovers of an omelet I made for DINNER last night … chock full of garlic and spinach and cheese and mushrooms! It works for lunch as well. 🙂

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